Automatic Envelope Pasting Machine

Automatic Envelope Pasting Machine

Automatic Envelope Pasting Machine

Automatic Envelope Pasting Machine

Swara Engineering are expert in Automatic Envelope Pasting Machine. Accessory modules are added to the base machine to perform certain tasks like addition of hole handle punches, zippers, tamper proof seal, spouts etc. to the bag. The position of the module depends on the function. A handle / hole punch module is usually found in-between the Feeder sections, while zippers, tamper proof sealers are found right after the EPC and cap / spout addition modules are present in front of the sealing / cutting section of machine. The accessory modules might be driven by pneumatic, servo system or might tap on to other sections for their motion.

Automatic Envelope Pasting Machine in vadodara gujarat india

Swara Engineering have quality of Automatic Envelope Pasting Machine in vadodara, gujarat, india. This is the most common machine type. The material from the unwinder is folded into two and fed into the machine. The material is typically cut by using a hot knife which seals and cuts simultaneously. The bags are sealed only at the sides and hence the name side seal machine.

Swara Engineering is fed by using either one or two sets of servo driven feeders. A main mechnical cam driven by induction motor will actuate the seal head, flying knife and stacker. The flying kife consists of a blade which is attached to a belt and when the belt rotates the blade cuts the material. The tube gets sealed and a cut is made belowAutomatic Envelope Pasting Machine, so that a tube with bottom closed is formed and hence the name bottom seal machine.

This is a type of continuous motion bag maker. The material from the unwinder is folded and sent through rotating sealing heads. Unlike other types of bag mackers, here the feeding is not stopped during the sealing stage. Seal heads might have special knives to perforate the bags during sealing. The output is now wound back to form rolls.Automatic Envelope Pasting Machine form utilizes one to rotate the rotary sealers while all other operations are achieved by pneumatic means.

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